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learñ en

el patio

branding & graphic design

Learn en el patio hire us to do a complete naming and re-branding of their company.

The change in the corporate identity of the company 'Leañ' arises in response to the need to update the brand due to a change in its business activity. Leañ in the Patio formerly known simply as 'Leañ' is a Spanish language academy based in Edinburgh, Scotland, with the aim of teaching both the Spanish language and Spanish culture. The idea of ​​Learñ in the Patio is based on the concept of becoming the first "Learning Café" in the city of Edinburgh, where people can taste a piece of Spain through their menu or join their courses, activities and events , All framed in a complete immersion in the Spanish environment.


After carefully analysing the new trading activity in which they embarked we came up with the name "Learñ in the Patio", to the word Learn whose meaning is "to learn" in English has been added the letter "ñ" in order to merge both languages ​​and create a fusion between an English word with a learning meaning and Spanish.


The main reason for using a word in English is due to the geographical situation of the company and the target audience, as it is not only aimed at an English-speaking audience with English as the mother tongue but also people of different nationalities within the United Kingdom whose common nexus is the English language, hence the choice of a word that all the target market  could identify and understand quickly.


The choice of the word 'Patio' to designate the coffee shop is, on one hand a word already known in the English-speaking world and has a deep connection with the Spanish culture and also for being the Spanish word for playground fitting perfectly with the company philosophy of fun, casual and alternative teaching offered by the Spanish academy Learñ en el Patio.

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